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How to look after your tools

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Being prepared for a decorating task, for any professional, and room type, can save a lot of time and effort.

⥱ Start a fresh

It is best practice to always start with fresh tools before any job. Make sure any old brushes and rollers are as clean as they can be and your dust sheets do not have any wet paint on them from the day before.

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⥱ How to care for your brushes

Dry paint in the filaments of any brush can damage them. Remove excess paint as much as possible by frequently pressing your brush against the side of the tin - This will push out excess paint and moisture.

If you are using, Water based paints, a warm soap solution will suffice to removing excess paint at the end of the day. 

Solvent based paints are a little more difficult to clean. We use white spirit or Hammerite brush cleaner and thinners for the best results


⥱ Monitor, and use your own tools

We find it the best possible practice - to not share your tools. Understandably, material like dust sheets and ladders can be shared, but productivity on a job is greatly improved with each person managing their brushes and other accessories.

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⥱ Clean and Store

Before you store away your brushes, drying them is critical to their longevity - Use a microfibre cloth to remove as much moisture from the bristles as you can.

Store your brushes vertically with the bristle end facing down to keep them in their best condition.

We would recommend keeping your brushes in a brush wallet, once dried. This will keep the original shape of the bristles.