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How to paint a ceiling

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Paint a ceiling fast with this easy to follow step by step guide.

⥱ Protect the area

The first step is to protect the whole room. Remove all furniture from the floor and cover with an extra protective, double dust sheet; tape this down with masking tape. Use a very good UV tape to cover detail, like skirting board, door frames, lighting etc.

Protection for yourself is also essential, as you will need it! - Wearing a protective suit, a form of headwear and safety glasses, will go a long way to keep you clean.  

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⥱ Prepare the surface

Ceilings aren't as prone to damage, dirt or dust as the other parts of a property - Though damage and cracks, particularly near architraves can still, and do occur - For professionals, we would recommend a caulking gun to fill in the defects, before moving on to the final step of preparation.


⥱ Cut in around the ceiling edges

Mask, with a good UV tape any areas that aren't subject to painting. A good shake of the paint tin will ensure a smooth finish, but stir if necessary. 

Pour your emulsion into a tray, suitable for one hand and begin cutting in around the architraves and light fittings.

Work in 1m segments when cutting in with the brush. 

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⥱ Paint the ceiling

The most efficient way to tackle the 'most part' of a ceiling is to use an extended pole attached to your roller. Work, based on width for the first coat and length for the second. Apply the paint using a 'W' motion, by the wet edge technique - Apply your loaded roller 30cm away from your last painted edge and in a 'W' motion.