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How to paint a window sill

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Learn the best practice to paint a window sill with ease, whilst increasing the longevity of  the work carried out; inside and outside of the property you are working  on

⥱ Protect the room

The first step, is to always prepare the area you are about to paint - In this case, the inside and the outside. Remove any curtains or blinds and lay down a very good dust sheet for protection. Use tape to protect the window, and the wall you will be painting.

Step 1.
Step 2.

⥱ Prepare the surface

Wood preparation can be difficult on areas that have been neglected or not regularly cleaned.

You need to get a smooth surface to paint on, this can mean just sanding the surface of the wood with ultra fine sandpaper and a good cork sanding block - In severe circumstances you may need to strip the wood right back using chemicals and protective gear.


⥱ Apply your undercoat

The key two aspects here to prime, the window sill and the frame. It is recommended here to use a stain block primer to protect against wood contaminants. Use an angled gloss brush to paint the primer on.

Step 3.
Step 4.

⥱ Apply the topcoat

For the final step prior to applying the topcoat, we recommend sanding the surfaces with very fine sandpaper. This step helps to iron out any bristles marks and gives a smoother finish. Now clean the area to remove all of the left over dust.

Apply the top coat now with a clean, angled gloss brush.