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How to paint skirting boards

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This step by step guide will take you through the process of painting skirting boards with minimum effort and perfect results

⥱ Protect the room

Prepare your room prior to painting. It is very good practice to lay the dust sheet first and then tape it into place, with a slight curl up, towards the skirting board you are painting. Draw the carpet back slightly and then allow the lip to of the tape to reach under the board. If you a working with hard floors, use a thin blunt object to press the tape under.

Step 1.
Step 2.

⥱ Prepare the surfaces

Firstly, a really good dust mask and protective gloves will go a long way. Use a light sandpaper over the skirting board, whilst checking with your hand that the surface of the board is smooth. Removing the fist layer of paint will suffice, there is no need to remove all of the old paint completely - Though if the board is badly damaged this may be a necessary step.


⥱ Prime the surface

To achieve the perfect finish use a primer on the skirting board first. This will help cure any contaminants that may be in the wood already. Use our angled brush to apply the primer whilst following the grain of the wood.


Step 3.
Step 4.

⥱ Achieve the perfect finish

Allow the primer time to dry and then lightly sand the board with very fine sandpaper - Wipe clean with a cloth.

With the same angled brush, now apply the first layer of gloss or any paint your are thinking of using. As previously mentioned, paint in the direction of the grain.

Our angled brush will help you perfectly cut-in where the board meets the wall.