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How to prepare and paint a room

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In just a few steps we will take you through how to achieve a perfect finish, when painting any wall

⥱ Protect the room

Preparation is key to an efficient job. Start by moving all of the furniture out of the room and lay down a very protective dust sheet. It is good practice to tape your dust sheet down with masking tape.

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⥱ Prepare your walls

With your protection ready. Now look for any damage on the walls that will need to be attended to, prior to painting. Make sure the walls are as smooth as they can be and then use some very effective tape to mask off areas of detail.


⥱ Cutting in

Cutting in, is the term for painting the fine lines and edges of the room. For example, the skirting boards, door frames, window sills and the architraves etc. When you start painting around your wall, a 1mm parameter of segmenting is recommended. Our brushes are incredibly accurate, with a very fine tip and are the perfect tool for the job. 

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Step 4.

⥱ Roll your walls

To conclude, now is the time to roll your walls. It's the larger area's, that can be the quickest and easiest to paint with the right roller. A soft fluffy roller is the best solution to cover a larger segment of wall without having to bend and stretch. 

Once you have finished, clean everything thoroughly, ready for your next task.