Complete Exin Royal Brush Kit


With Exin Royal’s complete brush kit, you will have every brush you will need to complete your next painting and decorating project with the confidence of an exceptional finish.


What the complete Exin Royal Brush kit includes:


Straight Cut Brush 1½ in 38mm

Straight Cut Brush 2½ in 63mm

Straight Cut Brush 2 in 50mm

Angle Cut Brush 2½ in 63mm

Angle Cut Brush 2 in 50mm

Tester Pot Brush 1 in 25mm x 2



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Exin Royal brushes are designed and built with absolute quality and longevity in mind. We produce expert, industry quality products and have been applying them with the knowledge we have curated in the painting and decorating industry over the years. Our products are born from the practice and experience we have in the industry at the highest level.

Each brush is handcrafted with the latest synthetic technology filaments – Our brushes pick up and lay off a considerable amount of paint, whilst lasting far longer than other bristle paintbrushes.


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